Several people have asked me if we have the resources we need to cook here, so I thought I’d blog about it!  We have a full kitchen here and actually eat most of our meals in.  (We did, however, eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen for lunch after church — yummmmmmm– and before my nap, which is why I’m still awake at 12:45….)  Anyway, here’s the first meal I cooked:

Bone chicken, as it’s called at our house, rice and salad.  The dining room table is part of the living room.

Here are the happy (mostly) eaters:

And here’s the kitchen — counter-clockwise from the door — you can see the microwave and clothes dryer

Sink and washing machine

Fridge and stove/oven

the rest

And, last but not least, my dishwasher


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