A Tradition is a tradition, even when abroad

Every Saturday morning, Bill goes and gets donuts (and lets me sleep in), so this morning we all ventured out and managed to find some…

The good news is that they’re not nearly at fattening when you get to walk 3 miles round trip to get them!


7 responses to “A Tradition is a tradition, even when abroad

  • Camille

    What the WHAT????/ They have KK in Oxford?

  • Elizabeth

    We had donuts for breakfast in your honor this morning. Not Krispy Kreme, just United donuts. Yummy nonetheless!

  • Bill Carroll

    @Camille–they have Krispy Kreme in the Oxford castle market area. They also have a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shoppe. Jamie Oliver just opened an italian restaurant as well. Thankfully, we walk a lot over here. Laura claims she needs a shopping partner who can appreciate fully the glory that is a Cath Kidston store if you can get away for a few days.

  • Megan

    I’m pretty sure Bill would at least consider walking farther than that since they are Krispy Kreme…

  • Alyssa

    Oh how nice! Never did have a good donut or anything resembling one while in Vienna. Did you sleep in too? What an excellent Saturday morning!

  • Camille

    Bill, twist my arm! I’m on my way!!

  • Jana

    Skylar just moseyed past and said “that looks like Molly”. Because it is! I told her. Then she asked about Molly’s sister and daddy. All that to say…we miss Molly around here. 🙂 Looks like you’re off to a fun start over there in GB!

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