Out and About in Oxford

(I apologize for the lack of the post last night — JA and I were snuggling and then it was today)

At the cute, little bookstore we found last weekend, we found a book called Footsteps (or Footprints, maybe) through Oxford.  Anyway, it has three walks through Oxford for kids, along with some activities, so we ventured out on the first one yesterday while Bill taught his first classes.

We started at the Museum of Natural History in this lovely building

and the girls set off exploring and touching (and answering questions about rock ages)

Outside the museum, there are some casts of dinosaur prints found in Oxfordshire that they girls followed “to see where they led.” (The answer: a car park, aka parking lot.)

Apparently, I mainly stopped taking pictures at this point, but we went and looked at the different gargoyles by the Sheldonian, went to Blackwell’s, which has the largest room of books in Eurpoe, 10,000 square feet (swoon!) and a fun children’s section, hit Covered market again and found some really cute cups:

got a Ben’s cookie and headed home.

Tomorrow is the Open Market on Gloucester Green, which we are really excited about.


2 responses to “Out and About in Oxford

  • Alyssa

    How fun! My mom bought us a Walking through Vienna with kids book and we did almost every exploration! Fun times! And cute cups! Miss you!

  • Dava Lynn

    I LOVE the pictures of Molly looking at the dinosaur and the one of the girls walking together!! Looks and sounds like you guys had a super fun adventure!

    Are you tired of hearing how much we miss you???? 😉

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