We walked about 15 minutes north to Summertown this morning. (Oxford City Centre is about the same distance south of our flat.)

After Starbucks, we managed to find this little gem, which had a great kids section — and everyone was thrilled.  We even ended up with a few books to bring home.  (Good thing BA is upping their luggage allowance in Feb.)  We also found the Oxfordshire library and are all 4 card holding patrons!  JA checked out some Rainbow Fairy books — they had quite a collection, much to her delight!

Then we headed back to our flat on Canterbury Road.




2 responses to “Summertown

  • Alyssa

    Oooooh! A Starbucks and a library card? Life is good. And I love your front door! That is the cutest front door I’ve ever seen. (I’ll have Collin leave a comment tomorrow for Jane Anne as I’m checking after bedtime.) Night night. And keep the posts coming!

  • Elizabeth

    I am thrilled for you that you guys got established with the library! 🙂 Perfect fun for a cold winter! Zoe will approve. 🙂 She’ll also like that HK hat Molly has on quite a bit …

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