Darkest Peru

Yes, our first social studies lesson here in Oxford was about Peru.  That makes a lot of sense, huh?

We’ve been reading A Bear Called Paddington because it focuses on a bear who is new to London and isn’t quite sure about his new surroundings.  So to begin with, we studied about Paddington’s homeland, Peru, and, naturally, we made South America with shaving cream.

Actually, this was Paddington’s idea — he draws it in the floor of the bathroom with Mr. Brown’s shaving cream.  Anyway, it was great fun!  Then Jane Anne wrote a letter (as Judy Brown) to Paddinton’s Aunt Lucy to let her know that he’s just fine.

When we take the train into London from Oxford it arrives at Paddington Station, where the bear was found by the Browns, so we’ll look for the little statue of our friend there!

Don’t worry.  I won’t regale you will tales of our homeschooling everyday, but I didn’t really think you’d want to see pictures of us sleeping until 11:00. 🙂


2 responses to “Darkest Peru

  • Karen

    Jane Anne- I used shaving cream today at school too!!! We made clouds in Mrs. Robinson’s class. That’s so cool that we both used shaving cream.

  • Alyssa

    Seriously…you should consider homeschooling forever. I mean who homeschools on day 2 of the grand adventure? A perfect teacher-mommy. You are awesome! And what a great lesson. You have put lots of thought into what you will be doing…I can tell!

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