First hours, first impressions

We made it to Oxford safe and sound! And we’re about to head to bed — yes, it’s only 6:30 pm here, but we are TIRED (and having a blast)!

Our flight left DFW at 5:00pm Texas time and arrived in London at 7:45am London time (1:45am Texas time).  We were upgraded, so we had lots of room and the girls did great on the flight.  They were totally enamored with eating on the plane and the little TV right in front of them.  After dinner and some Ceebies (thanks, Kenn, for the heads up about that!), they fell right asleep and slept through.  Bill and I dozed off and on.

We made it through border patrol and customs very quickly and then boarded a bus to Oxford — about an hour’s drive.  The best way to deal with jet lag (so they say) is to not nap and push though until bedtime.  So, after settling in, we had a nice lunch and then went off to explore Oxford some.

It was a cold but sunny day, so here are some way too many pics from our walk:

After our walk, I had me some Starbucks, we ate a little pizza, grabbed a Ben’s cookie or three  (which will one day warrant a blog post all its own), picked up some groceries and headed home.  So we’re ready for hit the sack and find new adventures tomorrow!

(Molly told me it was a good thing we didn’t start school today — as if! — because we had been so busy “confpresentating.”  Not a clue what that means, but sounds like a great reason to me!)


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