A few of my favorite 2010 moments (in no particular order)

1.  Surprising the girls with a 2nd Disney trip this year (Dec 14-20).  We told them the morning we left.  Such fun to watch the looks on their faces.

2.  Standing in the wings and watching Molly’s first dance recital and Christmas performance.  I loved watching how much she loved being on stage.

3.  Jane Anne learning to ride her bike completely on her own, and going on many bike rides together.

4.  Standing on the bank of the Snake River in Grand Teton NP and watching the girls throw rocks into the river all the while marveling at God’s majesty — in the river, in the mountains, in my family


5.  Jane Anne and my adventure to Washington DC — just the two of us.

6.  Finishing up six years as Director of Composition for the English Department and handing the role to my friend and colleague, Deb.

7.  Joining a Community Supported Agriculture Co-op and experimenting  with new, local vegetables.

8.  Getting completely soaked in a downpour with our dear friends, the Paunans, one afternoon in Fort Worth.

9.  Bill getting to celebrate his 40th birthday with some of his best friends doing what he loves best.

10.  Lots of shared moments with great friends — weekly-ish phone calls with long-distance friends, having dinner or coffee, running races, delivering Meals on Wheels, sometimes crying together, often laughing until we cried, and, last but not least, being a luchadora with a few of them!

Of course, we have some pretty incredible things to look forward to in 2011.  Stay tuned — I’m going to *try* something new with blog.


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