Fort Worth

So “I’ll update this tomorrow” has turned into next month, but our friends came in July and after we ran out of things to do in Abilene, we headed to Fort Worth.  First stop was the FW Museum of Science and History.  Lots of fun hands on stuff.

This picture took forever.  It started sprinkling, but by the time we got to the car….

it was pouring.  We headed back to the hotel, dried off, headed out to eat and then Susie and I went shopping.

On Saturday, after spending a rainy morning at Barnes and Noble, it cleared off and we headed to Botanic Gardens.  Silliness and exploring.

Then the worst part of the whole trip: Goodbye.  Can’t wait to see them in Chicago in November and a longer trip next summer!


One response to “Fort Worth

  • Alyssa McCook

    I’m glad you updated! I was getting worried about not seeing some photos of you next spring! You will be a better blogger overseas than me. But you will probably post nicer things than I did and not offend anyone. Glad we got to talk!

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