Swimming Lessons!

We went from snow to sun — and started swimming lessons.  Molly was excited about the lessons, but a little hesitant about getting her face wet.  In fact, she told her teacher, “I don’t do that,” and her teacher sweetly replied, “the only right answer at swimming lessons is ‘I’ll try.'”  As the lessons have gone on, Molly has gotten more and more confident and loves to put her face in.  She’s been blowing bubbles, floating, and today even swam a few feet!

We added another week of class because she loves the lessons and is so close to having swimming down!

This summer was Jane Anne’s fourth summer of lessons, and she is such a strong swimmer.  A lot of what she worked on was technique, breathing, and floating.

We joined the Abilene Swim Club this summer — quite a swanky establishment 😉 — so they’ll have lots of chances to practice.


One response to “Swimming Lessons!

  • Alyssa

    I thought it was my sleep deprivation that was prohibiting me from understanding the snow to sun sentence. But then I read your previous post and I finally got it! Such pretty pictures! Wow!

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