Spring Break Day 1: Garden Work Day

Since I don’t work on Fridays, I started my Spring Break to-do list yesterday by cleaning out the girls’ closet.  I got rid of Molly’s too small clothes, packed away JA’s too small clothes, and pulled out spring/summer stuff for Molly.  Molly was so exited by her “new” clothes.  She tried everything on, and when Bill or JA asked her where her new clothes were from, she would proudly say, “the bucket!!”

This morning (after Bill went and got doughnuts, of course), we set out to tackle the front yard.  We’ve had a particularly cold winter (I know, Susie, I shouldn’t complain :)), so being able to get outside, play in the yard, take walks, go to the park, etc., has been wonderful!  This morning we cleaned out beds, trimmed shrubs, cut back perennials, and planted some seeds — blue bonnets (yes, it’s way too late to plant them, but oh well), marigold, sunflowers, mint, and cilantro.  As I sit on the driveway typing this, the girls have dragged out much of the contents of the garage for their “disney trip.”

We’ve got lots of fun things planned for this week (and I need to catch up on some old stuff that I have yet to blog about) so stay posted!!

It's not an event unless you make a sign for it

Molly digging for acorns

Jane Anne bagging leaves for me

Taking a break to check out the Target toy catalog


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