Reflection and Thanksgiving

Bill has been out of town since Wednesday, so I’ve been playing the part of the single mom.  I get to do all the things Bill usually does around the house:

  • breakfast
  • pack lunches
  • take JA to school (this itself isn’t bad, but when there is only one of us, Molly is in tow)
  • clean the cat litter (my personal favorite)
  • feed the dogs
  • dishes
  • take out the trash
  • get the DVD player to work
  • deal with grumpy children — oh, wait, I usually do that, too

It’s been a hard few days for several reasons — harder than it usually is when he’s gone — the girls have been out of sorts (Spring Break can’t come a minute too soon!) and I had to attend the visitation and funeral for the husband of our colleague and friend.

Our friend has now found herself a widow at 53 and she is raising her seven-year-old granddaughter — now alone.  On top of that, I’ve talked with a dear friend whose husband left her in December and is now a single mom to her six- and ten-year olds.

So all of this puts things in perspective.  I am so thankful for my husband.  Thankful for who he is, for all he does for us, and that he’s coming home tomorrow.  Bill’s being gone makes me not only appreciate all the little things he does around the house, but also to see all of those little things as gifts.


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