An early release day of our own design

This morning at 7:00 there was no snow on the ground, by the time we dropped Jane Anne off at 8:00, there was about an inch (it took us 30 minutes to get the 3 miles from her school to ACU).  When ACU cancelled classes at 10:15 or so, there was about 3 inches.  So Bill and I decided to get the girls out of school early and head home.  What a perfect day!  We had a fire, built snow people, ate homemade pizza, watched movies, and are awaiting the cookies to come out of the oven.

Our snow friends!

Another funny snow story: As Molly and I were walking from ACU to Rainbow School, she tried to jump over a puddle and slipped.  She wasn’t hurt at all, but her jeans were pretty wet.  I assured her that we had extra clothes in her bag and would change as soon as we got inside.  Once inside, I pull out her extra clothes, which I had thought proudly on the way to school, “they’ll even match the shirt she’s wearing!”  Turns out they’d been in the bag for while!  They were 2T!  They hit her mid calf.  She looked hysterical, but she didn’t know or care, and bounced off to chapel!


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