Disney Magic

I just wanted to share some of my favorite moments that didn’t make it into the other posts:

Molly found a Lightning McQueen hat

Jane Anne waiting for the 3D Mickey's Philharmagic to start

The whole family with Cinderella

The girls getting to be part of the Lion King show -- I cried through the whole thing. The animals were so kind to the girls -- pure Disney Magic at work!

Dreams Come True show

Well, we were in Hollywood Studios...

Molly after her 100M dash -- she told everyone "I winned" because they gave her a medal

Jane Anne finishing up her mile -- she ran it in 11:19

Our last day there was cold and wet, but we hit the park anyway -- no wait for any rides! It was a great way to end the trip

Molly on the girls' favorite ride -- Goofy's Barnstormer


2 responses to “Disney Magic

  • Granny

    Okay, name the price, I must have my own CD of photos for Bragfest!
    Also, The Josie photos in the ballerina outfits that she took while we were in Texas, I NEED!
    I need them the same size, the square, as the christmas photo card. I have two frames waiting to hold those beautiful grandgirls photos.
    And I also Thank Josie for sharing her life with my loves!

  • Granny

    She did winned!

    Fun, fun, fun!!

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