Christmas Recap

The last few weeks have been busy — Jane Anne’s dance performance and the rehearsals to get ready for it, the last few days of school for the girls, with parties and fun, a quick trip to Louisville to celebrate with family, and of course, getting ready to have Christmas at our home.  They have been good times though, as we have tried to focus on the true meaning of the season.  As parents, we so want Christmas to be about giving and simplicity rather than more and more gifts.
We lit our advent wreath every Sunday and read of Christ’s coming.  One night, Jane Anne told us the story of Christ’s birth (with Nutcrackers as inn keepers that had no room, Barbies as the three wise women, and Mary, Joseph and Jesus as a hippo, crocodile, and seal), and on Christmas Eve, Molly told the nativity story with puppets she had made in Bible class.  It was so wonderful to hear “Don’t be afraid, I have good news” out of our sweet girls’ mouths.

Christmas Eve we awoke to snow on the ground and a total of about 6-7 inches by the time the day was done.  The girls played in the snow, we lit a fire, and tracked Santa on NORAD.  Lots of fun.  We have been so blessed this holiday season.

Jane Anne's square dance at school

At her class Christmas party with her bud, Keylee

Mrs. Yeaman's First Grade Class

Little Penguin in "Once Upon a Christmas Eve"

Sad Penguin

with her adoring fans

Little Reindeer -- performance at grandparents' house in Louisville

At the Galt House Hotel in Louisville

With their cousins, Kate and Rachel

With Daddy before the carriage ride

With Mom on the carriage

With Mommy on the Carriage

Cookie decorating



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