Week Fourteen…

… in which Mommy and Daddy both go slightly insane because of the amount of grading that has to be completed between now and week sixteen, which graciously ends the semester.  Thankfully, that glorious late-November holiday often referred to as “Thanksgiving,” but known in academic circles as “A Few Days Off to Catch Up on Grading, or At Least Feel Guilty about Not Grading,” is upon us.

So I tell you this to (1) apologize for not posting in 3 weeks, and (2) promise new posts in the next few days.  So here’s a teaser:

Things that have already happened:

  • sack Sunday
  • Daughter-Mama Pajama-Rama
  • more Halloween
  • sharing feast

Things that will be happening soon:

  • Thanksgiving (in which Laura and JA run the Turkey Trot, among other things…)
  • Once Upon a Christmas Eve (in which, JA appears as a Penguin)
  • Advent — both the counting down to Santa kind and and anxious arrival of our Saviour and King
  • And, in about 6 weeks — DISNEY WORLD!!!

So thanks for hanging with me — pictures of your favorite little people (and maybe some of those weird grading fiends, too) soon.  Love to you all.



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