I’ll post in the next few days about Molly’s self-inflicted haircut, Jane Anne’s new lost tooth, and our trip to Mary Poppins, but for now, here is a look at what I got to see on my trip to Michigan last week:




I went to a conference for a few days in East Lansing, which is stunningly beautiful.  Mommy’s need downtime to be better mommies, and this was very much needed.  I have so much more to give to Bill and the girls when I can recharge and not be needed every moment of the day.  Bill makes it a point to do really fun Daddy things while I’m gone — like make chocolate chip pancakes for dinner — so, aside from the hair cutting incident, they had a great time.

I lived in Wisconsin for two years, and I’m not a big fan of cold weather, so I was glad to leave and head back to the warmer climes of Texas, but every fall I miss seeing the leaves change like they did in Wisconsin.  (And then the Texas winter comes along where we have 60 degree days in February and I get over missing Wisconsin pretty quickly!)


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