Deep Fried Lard

Okay, so we didn’t eat any of that — or deep-fried twinkies, or deep-fried oreos, or deep-fried coke (huh?).  We did have Aggie Fries (and fresh-squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, roasted corn) yum…



We fed some of our friends.


And rode some rides



Some of us liked some rides better than others.



But Molly loved driving the tractor.




3 responses to “Deep Fried Lard

  • Shanna

    Did y’all see the horse at the petting zoo? My friends Richard and Merrie always bring their horse Tigger to the petting zoo for people to sit on and have their picture taken. Tigger is Soldier’s daddy. Looks like y’all had fun!

  • Bill

    We did, in fact,see Tigger, but we didn’t have our picture made. Glad to know we have an “in” with him next time.

  • Alyssa McCook

    Deep fried coke? Hmmmm…I might have tried it.

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