ACU Traditions

The week before school starts at ACU, they have Welcome Week for the new freshmen.  One of the highlights of the week is Candlelight Devotional.  The students are in an amphitheater and as they sing, they light candles.  It’s really a beautiful experience.  Jane Anne and I went together as upperclassmen and faculty welcome these students.

At Candlelight Devo

At Candlelight Devotional

Every year, ACU opens the school year with opening ceremonies, so Molly and I went this year.  Since Molly was with me, I didn’t march in my regalia, but we had fun watching Daddy march in.

Molly’s favorite part was the parade of flags.  There is a flag from every country and state that we have students from, and this year there were over 100 flags.

Parade of Flags

Parade of Flags

Molly also loved the end of the ceremony where the ACU band and chorus performed “Old 100th,” a breath-taking rendering of Psalm 100.

Daddy and Molly all dressed up

Daddy and Molly all dressed up


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