Striped is the New Black

Yesterday was Molly’s first day of school. She looked darling in a navy and white polka dotted dress with pink, navy, yellow and blue striped leggings — because, according to her, wearing stripes was an essential part of being in the zebra class. She took “Stripes” her stuffed zebra with her to snuggle with at nap time, and she posed for a darling picture next to the zebra painted on the wall outside her classroom.

Too bad my camera battery was dead.

Don’t worry. When it’s been long enough for her to wear the outfit again — I’m thinking next Thursday — I’ll recreate the photo and post it. I’ll even put it in her scrapbook as her “First Day of School” picture. I’m so not above that.

I cried. She did not. I was totally surprised by both of those. I have NEVER cried when I have taken her to school. I had her home for 15 months, which was wonderful, and precious, and amazing, but on her very first day of Rainbow School in August 2007, I was totally ready for her to go. Yesterday she just looked so big and grown up, and her hair was so long, and …. So there I am at Starbucks, waiting for my coffee, crying, thinking “it won’t be long until I’m dropping her off at college.” Pitiful. Oh well. It won’t be the last time. I can guarantee that. And, I get to do first grade next week.

She had a wonderful first day. Didn’t want to come home. I count that as a great sign! So, look forward her first day of school picture sometime next week.


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