Short Getaway

Yesterday morning, Bill and I left the girls with my parents and headed to Southlake (near Fort Worth) for a night.  Unfortunately, Molly had thrown up several times in the night Thursday night, so we were very tired and leaving a sick kiddo with Nana and Pop-Pop.  We had a lot of fun, though, we shopped and ate at places they don’t have in Abilene and just enjoyed being together and chatting without having sweet little voices interrupt us.  My mom called late Friday afternoon to say that Molly’s fever had spiked to 103, but I knew she was in good hands and we stayed.  It was hard to stay and even harder to sleep, but Bill and I had a GREAT dinner last night at this cool Italian restaurant.  Luckily, Tylenol did it’s job and the fever went down.  Today, the fever was gone, and she got a *really* long nap (like 5 hours!!!) and woke up her normal — sometimes grumpy, sometimes giggly — self!   After all that, Bill and I were anxious to get back and headed home after lunch.  It was good to get away and good to get home.  I am so thankful for my amazing family — and especially for Nana and Pop-Pop loving on my sick baby!


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