Heavy Hearted

I’ll post in the next few days with some fun things we’re doing this week — Jane Anne is at day camp at ACU and Molly is potty training! — but first I wanted to share with you what’s on my heart right now.

Yesterday morning, a little girl named Tatum, who is the three-year old daughter of some sweet friends from church, and one of Molly’s buddies, was diagnosed with Leukemia. She’s at Cook’s Children’s in Ft. Worth, which is the best place for her to be, and they are waiting on the results of a bone marrow biopsy which they did yesterday afternoon. I really have no words for what Mandy, Michael, Tatum, and big sister, Olivia, must be going through right now, but I know they covet prayers — prayers for healing, courage, strength, peace, God’s presence.

Tatum’s diagnosis comes on the heels of one of Jane Anne’s friends from ballet, Landry, being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor back in March. Landry’s surgery went very well, she’s completed her radiation, and starts chemo on Friday.

Any child being diagnosed with cancer is horrifying, but the fact that we know these two little girls and they are the same ages as my girls has been burdensome. I call upon the Lord for peace for me and protection for my precious little ones. Events like these really put so much in perspective. They remind me how much of a gift each day is and remind me to get and give lots and lots and lots of hug every day.

Love to all of you and thank you for the way you love our family.


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